What can I offer?

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Front line services are increasingly encountering autistic clients. Unfortunately most of the autism training available consists of non-autistic trainers telling your staff about the textbook version of autism.

Read more: Textbook vs. Real Life.

I offer bespoke training developed specifically to meet the professional development needs of your staff. And I offer training which goes well beyond the basic awareness level. I bring to the training my extensive familiarity with the professional working environments of education and social care.

My training concentrates on practical skills and ways of adapting day to day practice.

I am experienced at delivering CPD training to professionals in the fields of social care, health and education and can combine my autism expertise with indepth knowledge of the context in which practitioners are working every day. I regularly develop new courses to meet changing professional needs.

See here for a list of current courses

Please contact me to discuss your needs. I am always happy to develop bespoke courses.

Legal framework training

Know the rules MobileMy training on the legal framework of social care (and SEND) covers fully up to date and expert legal knowledge of the field explained and applied clearly to support practitioners develop lawful practice in their day to day roles. I offer a wide range of courses covering the Care Act, Safeguarding, Mental Capacity Law and Deprivation of Liberty, and SEND law. 

Participants find my courses interesting, stimulating and understandable. See here for testimonials.

Please contact me to discuss your needs. I am always happy to develop bespoke courses.